Monday, September 08, 2008

A Bogus Year Older

The age factor has struck one Mr. Matt Weyen once again! Sound the alarms, blow the horns and prepare for general chaos! ....... delay........ not.
So what really happened? The Bogus Basin World Championship Hill Climb broke out, a hike to the top of Schaffer Butte, followed up the next day with a BBQ at Calvin's.
The hill climb went alright, not quite like last year though. With a headwind this year, the group was less than willing to do any major work in the lower sections where the steep parts are. By half way up, the group was still well over 10 riders, which is rare. At around the 12 mile marker, I put in an attack that separated Eric Anderson and myself from the rest of the group. Under a mile later, we were being brought back and I decided to let up to get a break before the group swallowed up Eric as well. That never happened though. When they got me back, Eric hit the gas hard and the group couldn't bring him back. He won by 42 seconds, a gap that I haven't seen by an individual rider since I've been doing this climb. Results
When we hit the flat last mile, there were six of us still together, Chang (Mayfield), Slack, Kai, Feldman, Miles, and myself. Around half way through the flat section, Chang attacked and the only response was a temporary chase by Kai. At the line, Slack out sprinted Feldman for 3rd and I rolled in 5th, only partially interested in racing for the left over scraps. Luckily the win couldn't have gone to a much nicer guy, but still, he's not in blue and white! Pictures to come sometime.

Later that day, Charlene and I hiked to the top of Bogus, Schaefer Butte, and I had to test out a new trick. Mix in a bunch of pictures taken on a tripod with Panorama Factory software and some cool stuff can happen. Check out this moving panorama made from the top of a building at Schaefer: The controls let you zoom in, out and drag the picture every which way. I've reached a new nerd factor of 29... yeah, I could do Masters Nationals next year.
The season is over and now it's time to do whatever comes to mind. Anyone wanna go mountain biking or hiking or whatever... at any ol' time of any ol' day?! Which reminds me, I'm going to need a j.o.b. in a bit (February) and any links to something good wouldn't hurt as I'd take something sooner than that if it's worth it.

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