Monday, September 15, 2008

What, No Bike Race In Baker This Weekend?

There's things to do in Baker City that don't involve racing a bike? I suppose so, depending on if you like things other than racing a bike.
Here's a few of them, minus the Geiser Grand tour as it only goes at 3:30 on Saturday's which we just missed, doh!

Before heading out to Baker City, Charlene wanted to conquer Bogus for the first time. At this point, all was well.

At this point, the question of which had been conquered could to be asked... either way, she did it!

Checking out the Oregon Trail... a first for both of us

A dinner and three amazing beers at Barley Brown's was a MUST after a trip to the museum and the Oregon Trail interpretive center.

The next day, we wanted to see some new terrain, of which is all paved and would be an off-the-charts ride! Way better than the queen stage of the actual race!

When going through Sumpter, we witnessed a curious thing that begged the question

The views between Granite and Anthony Lake were top notch

I wanted my bike on this pavement!

We hiked into Hoffer Lake from Anthony Lake... in flip flops

Chillin' at Anthony Lake

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