Monday, September 29, 2008

It Was Time For A New Camera

The compact Kodak C653 was in dire need of an upgrade, so I found just what was needed. The Kodak Z712 IS (IS means image stabilization) is way better! Here's the comparison:

C653 Vs Z712 IS

To test it out, we checked out both mountain ranges of the Treasure Valley.

Charlene looking out over the valley from Stack Rock

Need I explain this shot?

A shot to give you an idea how big it is. It's the big rock on the skyline near Bogus that is seen from any west part of town.

The new cam does panoramas without using the computer too.

Sunday was a trip to an old way of life in the Owyhees with Mom, Mike and Charlene. Silver City is a well preserved ghost town where the Cavalry was called in to stop fighting between mine owners who couldn't figure out if the silver was all in one or multiple veins. Today, you can walk the dirt streets where countless gunslingers ended lives over the demand for gold and silver.

Management on top right? Okay, maybe it had something to do with snow drifts.

The path to the old catholic church proved how tough people were back in mining towns.

A view of the inside of the church through the peephole.

A shot of most of what remains of this remote historic area.

We had burgers and a beer from the old grill in the Idaho Hotel where you can still spend a night in a 150 year old room.

Quaking aspen starting to turn near town
A huge culvert at the entrance to town.

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